I have been in the music business for many years now and although I have played at countless events, I still get a buzz standing behind my gear watching the crowd rocking to  classic rock tunes.

The heroes of my youth were AC/DC,  Rainbow and Whitesnake, who back then still came to life through a spinning vinyl record. Today, my complete music collection is stored on  two laptops.


My work has taken me all over the UK, Ireland also  Greece and Spain and I have been fortunate to work with many  famous bands and artists at some beautiful settings, such as the  amphitheatre in Lindos, Greece.

Due to my many years of experience, I have not only become an expert in terms of music, but also in organising events. I can provide you with a lot of valuable advice about how to  plan its itinerary, and how to moderate it. I have also met many reliable people over the years that can help turn your event  into a success.


I just love playing rock music and if it continues to take me to the places it

has and making great friends that I have, then it's a job well done !


Garry Rokjok Lewis..

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